at The Whitman-Stein Poetry Fest
Glenn Ingersoll

Glenn Ingersoll has two chapbooks available:  City Walks, from Broken Boulder Press, and Fact, from Avantacular Press.  Ingersoll’s poems have been seen in Exquisite Corpse, Prairie Schooner, and Snow Monkey, and online at The Cortland Review, Shampoo, and Tryst. 

For several years Glenn Ingersoll helped coordinate Poetry & Pizza, a monthly reading series in San Francisco.Glenn Ingersoll lives with his husband and their three bad cats.

Check out Glenn’s two blogs:

LoveSettlement” and “Dare I Read.” 



Glenn Ingersoll reads Paul Mariah

Him with Wings

My heart fills, fills and empties itself,

and what warms my lips comes from there.

What strengthens the bones of my wings

gets to my heart and through it.

I have a lover in whose black eyes I see the night,

the night I am in amongst stars.

Lord, the grip of your heaven is a relaxed grip,

as of a hand half-sleeping,

as though, Lord, you were dreaming me up,

your dreaming keeping me aloft in his eyes,

the night in which my wings are strong.

Your mouth is parted, Lord, and it is a sleep word

you have spoken that none of us can remember.

Or it was laughter.

And I think that it pleases you, dreaming us upward.

Glenn Ingersoll

published in Carolina Quarterly